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SimonThree years ago I got divorced and it all went downhill from there, really. I thought I would be all right. We had a home loan here in Gosford and two vehicle loans. It went fine, with 2 wages, but after the divorce I just found myself existing off my credit cards, and gradually it just got to a point where I couldn’t take it any longer. I took a position in the mines just to make some additional money, but even still it was going to take ten+ years to pay off all my debts. It was pointless and I was getting despondent, believing that I was stuck. Ultimately I knew I couldn’t face another bill, so I determined to go bankrupt. I got on the net, selected Bankruptcy Experts Gosford and they made things easy. An initial phone call set my mind at ease, they helped with all the documents and it was all done in 2 weeks. Best thing I have ever done; I have no idea why I didn’t do it sooner.



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Charlie_StellaFor 23 years I had been running a steel fabrication small business here in Gosford with my two sons. Like a lot of people in small business I worked hard. Some years were better than others but all in all it was all I knew. One afternoon driving home from a golf game with some friends, I got hit by a car coming the other way. I haven’t been the same since. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep taking care of my company like I did before, and I spent 4 months in the hospital.

My boys did their best to keep the enterprise going, but bit by bit it got on top of them and I was of no help. The debts at work kept accumulating, and everything was in my name. My suppliers and employees were really helpful, but eventually I was just digging myself further into a hole every week. The boys put off staff and tried to make it all work. We eventually had to sell the house just to get by; that was the low point. Eventually we let the staff go and shut down the company. We were left with over $100,000 worth of debts and no chance of ever paying it back. My partner, when she is not helping me, works part-time at the local college, but that just assists with groceries, really. We knew we were going to be stuck with that debt for the rest of our lives.

Eventually, I hopped on the phone to contact Bankruptcy Experts Gosford. They furnished me all sorts of guidance immediately. I didn’t think anyone would give me any guidance at all unless I paid, of course, but these guys were really straight up and easy to work with. They were not overbearing, they didn’t even take down my number, and they just said if I needed some help to go bankrupt to give them a call. They sent through some paperwork, they helped me fill it all in. I thought it would be an ordeal but it only took 2 or 3 weeks and we were bankrupt. I highly recommend them to anyone who’s thinking of filing bankruptcy.

Charlie & Stella


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Susan_FrankTom and I determined to go bankrupt last year after selling our business. It was all starting to get on top of us. We had invested in property pretty seriously in and around the Gosford area over the past 10 years, and one thing lead to another where we essentially had to sell the entire portfolio because the prices of the houses just kept dropping. It got to the point where we owed the credit union a lot of money and had no rental income to cover it. As I remember now I realize we probably should have acted earlier when things started to go downhill, but you hope things will reverse. Bankruptcy Experts Gosford gave us some terrific advice, as it was a really anxious time for us and we have never not paid an expense in our lives. Bankruptcy Experts Gosford made us feel at ease. It’s weird, but bankruptcy has been among the very best things for our marriage. We live totally debt free, and we are even saving some money. We will buy another property for our old age, but at this time we are just enjoying each day as it comes.

Susan & Frank


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MarionThank you to Bankruptcy Experts Gosford for helping me clear my debts. I had no way to service the debt I had left over once David died, and going bankrupt seemed like the only alternative. They made it easy, did all the paperwork and it only took about a week. Thank you again.





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SusanI have worked in the physical fitness industry since I left 8 years ago. Ultimately I started my own fitness business and it was working out. Eventually, I moved into a studio in an industrial area where I would run Tai-chi and Spin classes most mornings and evenings. After two years the council modernized all the streets in the area and made things almost unfeasible to get in and out of the area. Eventually it just became obvious that it was just too challenging for my regulars to come and my business was sliding pretty fast. I didn’t really rack up any significant debts, but I did have three years to go on the lease on the studio, which equaled about $120,000, which I was responsible for personally with a personal guarantee. I spent 5 months striving to rent the place out but no one wanted it because of the construction. The landlord was growing impatient, so I left, locked the doors and got another job. I had hoped the landlord would find another renter but it’s going to take a while. Meanwhile, I felt I had no option but to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Experts Gosford were fantastic they didn’t cost me much and even assisted me get started up again in my own business. It was a positive experience. Thank you.



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SteveBefore 2009 I had a team of 8 guys and there was plenty of work around. I have been in the building business my whole life and I have never seen it quite this poor. All my regular work got less regular, I had a couple of designers not pay me and things have just gone from bad to worse. Eventually all I could do was pay the boys and pay our mortgage and that was it. I hadn’t paid the ATO or any superannuation for a number of years because I just didn’t have the cash. I knew I needed to do something, but I seemed like building was all I knew. If I wasn’t doing this, what would I do? I knew I would never get an office job and I didn’t have much to retire on. Ultimately I decided to notify my accountant and he told me to go bankrupt. I asked him to help me, but he said he didn’t know too much about it and just to ring a bankruptcy company or a liquidator. I eventually found Bankruptcy Experts Gosford and they were fantastic. They guided me through all my finances, they did all the documentation and it was easier than I thought; I should have done this years ago. If you need to go bankrupt give these guys a call … they know what they are doing.



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KevinCalling Bankruptcy Experts Gosford was one of the most challenging things I did when my debt got to a completely extreme level. They were really empathetic of my predicament, they gave me very clear-cut advice and told me about options that made the whole ordeal easy to endure. My spouse and I have both strove our entire lives; however, an investment decision turned sour and ended up putting us in considerable debt really quickly. It would have taken us fifteen to twenty years to repay the debts despite our good incomes, but after consulting with these guys they helped me realize that bankruptcy was only 3 years, and in that time we can save our funds to get back on our feet. Retiring penniless was never the end game, and now it doesn’t have to be. We only have one year to go in our bankruptcy and it’s all done, and time has flown. Bankruptcy Experts Gosford were great from beginning to end and I highly recommend them.



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MichelleRunning a coffee shop is chaotic and hard work, but I have a passion for food and have been in the business for most of my life. It was very difficult to understand where exactly it all went off track, but one day my bean counter told me we are 5 quarters behind on our ATO bill payments and that we owed the tax office over $150,000. To make matters worse, we were in a payment plan with them, but it was getting tougher to make those payments. Things seemed to be OK in the cafeteria, but I guess the figures weren’t working. I wasn’t sure what my alternatives were, so I called Bankruptcy Experts Gosford and they were fantastic. Instantly they guided me through what I could and couldn’t do to get back on my feet. If you have some major debts, then most certainly give them a call.



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TerryI have been bushwalking since I was a child. I enjoy the outdoors and keeping in shape. It gets me out of the office and helps me remove the tension from the week. I have been pretty fortunate in my career and landed a great job right out of Uni. I was making great money and had all the trimmings: cars, boats and a nice property. Our practice was rolling back and got sacked. I thought it wouldn’t take long to find another job. After six months of hunting I realized I couldn’t manage my finances any longer; I still didn’t have a job that paid anywhere near the money I was on, so my credit payments were more than my total wages, and I was going backwards fast. One day a bloke came to the door to take my car, as I didn’t realize I had missed 3 payments. That was a wakeup call. Not only that they sold the car but that I still owed $18,000 for a car I didn’t have. I then realized I had no choice but to go bankrupt. I called Bankruptcy Experts Gosford, they got onto my case straight away and I found myself debt-free within the week. Now I get to keep all my wages and actually have a bit left over. Best thing I have ever done.


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